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Togakushi Mountain, '98
Welcome to the Bujinkan Gray Dojo website.

Our dojo group was formed in July 2000, and has offered weekly Saturday classes ever since (Now held in Abiko City, Chiba-ken (One stop from Kashiwa on the Joban Line). Thursday classes are now also given at Bujinkan Hombu Dojo in Noda.

Our group has a good mix of Both newcomers and seasoned practicioners, both Japanese and foreign. Instruction is given in a mixture of Japanese and English, with frequent reference to the Tenchijin-ryaku-no-maki and other Japanese "densho material." Training is done in a way that emphasizes the basics found within both forms and free expression.

The characters above read 'Bujinkan Gurei Dojo.' The characters for 'gurei' mean 'mountain recesses/mountain peaks,' as these places are typically looked to for inspiration by those training in the Bujinkan martial arts. Every year since the dojo began, our annual "Togakushi Gasshuku" training trip to Mt. Togakure (Togakushi) has been a way of maintaining a connection with the shugendo roots of our martial tradition.

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