Shimizu Koen Location (Noda)

The Shimizu Koen apartment is located right next to Shimizu Koen Park, a 10-minute walk from Shimizu Koen Station, which is one stop from Atago on the Tobu Noda Line. From the apartment to Bujinkan Hombu Dojo is about 20 minutes on foot, or 10 minutes by bicycle. The apartment is located in a quiet area with lots of greenery, and is approximately 5 minutes' walk from a large supermarket, shopping center, sporting goods store, and restaurants.

Shimizu Koen Area

Food and Drink
There are many traditional, family-run restaurants in the area, serving all different kinds of food - everything from Sushi to Yakiniku to Chinese food. For those who wish to cook at the apartment, the large supermarket 5 minutes' away has everything you'll need.

Post Office
The Post Office between the apartment and Shimizu Koen Station has a machine where you can withdraw money on international credit cards, and they can also exchange foreign currency.

Shimizu Koen Park, site of the 2008 & 2012 Daikomyosai seminars, is literally 2 minutes' walk. They have a great obstacle course, as well as a Buddhist (FudoMyo-O) temple.