To the Newbies:
This section is for those people new to IRC.
Maybe you do not even know what IRC is; maybe you don't have an IRC client; maybe you don't know how to get to #bujinkan. You should find what you are looking for here. Select the link that best describes your situation:

What is I.R.C.?
I.R.C. stands for Internet Relay Chat, a program whereby users across the world can talk to each other in groups or one-on-one in real time, transfer files, play sounds, etc. Users can join any number of thousands of available channels, depending upon their interests. I.R.C. is rapidly being improved with the addition of voice and video components, where you can see and hear the people to whom you are "chatting".

There are many good I.R.C. FAQs which may help to answer any general questions you may have. More specific questions may depend on exactly which client you choose for your system, what server you are trying to connect to, etc. Most IRC clients are now available to download as freeware or shareware.

Where do I get an IRC client for my computer?
The IRC client you choose will depend on your system and personal preferences. We suggest you do a Google search for a client that suits you.

How do I set up my IRC client?

Adding the Server
At this point, you should have your IRC client downloaded, unzipped, and installed. When you start up the program, most clients automatically attempt to connect to a default IRC server right away. You will need to locate the server list in order to connect to the one you want. For general purposes on large networks, its best to pick a server geographically close to where you are. Your irc program should come with a list of default servers, and when you connect you can always ask people if they know of more to add to your list.

This #bujinkan channel is an Undernet channel, so make sure you are connected to an Undernet server. There may or may not be other #bujinkan channels on the other networks. For mIRC, you can add new servers by going to File/Setup/IRC Servers/Add. You then type a name for the server in the Description slot. This can be any name you want. Under this is the IRC Server slot, and in here you will want to type the server name. Hit OK and the server will be added to the list. You can then select this server and connect to it anytime you want to chat with Bujinkan people.

Choosing a Nick(name) and User Information
Very few people on IRC use their real names. Everyone uses nicknames, (nicks). In mIRC, this information is found in File/Setup. Under the server list is a place to type your Real Name and Email address. Anyone who knows anything about IRC knows that this information is very easily accessed by other users, and so the vast majority of people enter fake information in this area. Under this is a place to type your nick, and an alternate in case your favorite one is already in use by someone else.

Joining #bujinkan
Once you have connected to the server, simply type "/join #bujinkan" to join the channel where everyone else is. If you find yourself alone, email one of the regular users or post on alt.arts.bujinkan to find someone to chat with and arrange a time to meet on #bujinkan.

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